Avachaya Shipping And Return Policies.

We at avachaya always believe in fair deal hence we offer 100% return options for all orders placed through us but with few terms and conditions to keep the deal fair at both ends.

 1.  If ordered size is 40 but received size 38 instead then both sides shipping will be paid by Avachaya as long as we have received a clear front measurement pic of the dress via watsap on our support no: 9530458117
2.  If ordered size 40 and have received size 40 only but for some reason one still wish to return the dress then only replacment will be possible not refund plus 2 sides shipping has to be paid by the client @150rs each (one to return the dress back to the original seller and 2nd to resend the replacement dress what seller will be replacing with the original order.
3.  If 2 or more than 2 products have been ordered and all items have been packed under 1 parcel then its mandatory for clients to make an unpacking video if they report lesser quantity issue upon receiving the parcel.
4.  Any damage or defect in the product will be taken back at no charge and will be replaced with a fresh product or else a different product of the same value if original one is not available in stock.
We offer 24-48hrs max for clients to decide if they wish to return the product or keep. Post which no return or exchange will be possible.
5.  If any brand uses their brand tags then it is mandatory for clients to have brand tag on all items if they are returning the items,if tags have been removed then we can refuse to accept the returns in few cases.
For any complaint and feedback related to products WhatsApp: 9530458117

Need help?

Contact us at info@avachaya.com for questions related to refunds and returns.

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